MUA Dissolution Moves Forward with 3-2 Council Vote

The first major step in the Township’s dissolution of the MUA occurred late Tuesday night following a presentation about the MUA takeover by Township Manager Tom Czerniecki, comments from each Council member and the Mayor, and public comments from three residents (myself included).

The decision now moves to the State Department of Community Affairs and the Local Finance Board, which meets March 19th, and, if approved, goes back to the Township Council for final approval.

Council members Steve Zeuli and Debbie Hackman both expressed strong reservations about dissolving the MUA and were the two “No” votes for the associated ordinances and resolutions.

Mayor Brown found support from Council members Ken D’Andrea and Bob DiEnna.

More details about the Township’s presentation and review of the Mayor and Council member comments will follow in the next day or two.


I would like to note that Councilman Bob DiEnna displayed a disturbing level of elitism and intolerance for comments from the public, repeatedly claiming that nobody knows more about the MUA than he and questioned how, in his opinion, less-informed and experienced members of the public could question the Council’s decision to take a step towards dissolving the MUA.

Mayor Brown, following his many comments about all of the positive aspects of the MUA dissolution, refused to entertain most questions from the three residents who spoke regarding the MUA dissolution and, at the end of the Council meeting, resorted to mocking two of the residents (myself included) who spoke up, falling back on his overly worn out claim that the motivation for dissent is nothing more than politically motivated attacks.

Mayor Brown, ignoring the past three meetings when he tabled the MUA dissolution legislation and the snow that was falling outside, also mocked the public for not showing up to tonight’s meeting, claiming that an absence of dissenters shows that he has popular support for dissolving the MUA. Clearly, Mayor Brown was emboldened by the lack of turnout tonight that was in stark contrast to the turnout at the November MUA meeting when residents packed the meeting room.

It is a shame that Mayor Brown and Councilman DiEnna can’t maintain a level of professionalism or even basic respect for members of the public that elected officials should be expected to maintain when an important issue is being debated.


4 thoughts on “MUA Dissolution Moves Forward with 3-2 Council Vote

  1. I am disappointed in the vote tonight. I am surprised and applaud Councilwoman Hackman & Councilman Zeuli for being strong enough to vote no in opposition to the King. The vote to dissolve the authority needs 4 votes I believe. In the final vote?


  2. FYI the EMUA already has a shared services agreement with DPW. They are always working together when needed. The new lights on Main Street for the township are being installed by an EMUA electrician.They also contribute around 1 million dollars a year to the township. This is totally a money grab from the mayor


  3. This mayor must be getting paid by some corporation to dismiss the tax payers concerns the way he did. You will not give away my basic right to any greedy corporation you scumbag!


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